Off to Skagway

I am off to Skagway for the North Words writing symposium today through Sunday. Which means I will miss John Hagen's opening at the museum Friday. He will be exhibiting a series of photographs of the Chilkat Beaches where John and I often meet while walking dogs. His images are black and white and lushly detailed.They make even people like me who know the place so well see it with new eyes. Also, my favorite gubernatorial candidate Byron Mallot will be in town Saturday to meet folks at a reception at the Halsingland Hotel from 4-6, word is he will speak at 4:30, and will be happy to answer questions. Hopefully he will back again, and I will get to see him then. I'm sorry I didn't fill you in on graduation last week, but with my niece in the class and my dad here it was a little crazy. Plus the sun was so bright we were all a bit dazed by it. But I am still thinking about how tender it was. The 25 seniors are much more thoughtful, I think, than most, if that's the right word, since one of their classmates drowned at a beach party on a sunny day shortly after they finished their 8th grade year. The valedictorian choked up when she spoke of him, and the guest speaker noted that they had bonded through great joys and deep sorrow. It wasn't all solemn though- I loved the singing, especially the high school boys' "Man Choir" and watching the music teacher direct them from the middle of the gym floor as if she were in a Broadway musical orchestra pit, she was that animated. As I said, I'm off to Skagway, but, if you are reading this that means I've figured out a way to blog while I'm traveling so you will hear all about the writers and Skagway.


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