It Has Not Been a Quiet Ten Days

The local folks no doubt know this, but many of you don't-- and seem to be worried. I apologize but I didn't even think to grab my computer when I left in such a hurry. (Heck, Stoli and Sarah and I didn't even pack pants for Chip- when I got to Seattle I looked in the bag and all we had for Chip were three t-shirts, underwear, socks and Crocs.) I have been gone since Friday June 20-- ten days, although it feels like months. Chip crashed in the bike race Saturday and broke his pelvis at the hip, four ribs,  banged up his shoulder and had lung troubles that required a chest tube to stabilize. (It's out now.) We were medevaced to Juneau and then onto Seattle's Harborview trauma center Saturday night and early Sunday morning,  where he was operated on Monday, and are told his hip will be good as new in a few months. The best news, as our doctor-cycling friend says-- is "no head, no spine."  We left the hospital Friday and ferried home from Bellingham (he couldn't fly because of the lung thing) and are now home, safe and sound and very, very grateful. I'll fill you in more once I get settled in, but know, that for now anyway, all is very well at our house. (Although we are thinking of taking up a safer sport than cycling. Maybe skydiving?)

Chip looks great though, doesn't he? Pearl thinks so, but Phoebe is more attracted to his PB & J.


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