Rain on the 4th Update: Ripinsky Race Postponed

The Ripinsky Race organizers, Paul Swift and Annie Boyce, have called the race due to potential heavy rain tomorrow and today's rain on the trail. Paul is also the area weather guy and he checked with Juneau forecasters who say a "huge" system is "marauding about British Columbia, Yukon, SE Alaska and even Alberta, so it is unlikely we will dodge the wet." Annie and Paul added "Thus, in the honored tradition of discretion being the better part of valor, we are canceling the race tomorrow." Paul will be down at the Legion at 7:15am making sure anyone who shows up knows it is not safe to head up (and down) the race trail. You can still get breakfast at the Legion though. Also, Barb told me the Friends of the Library Books, Brat, and Burger Sale will happen rain or shine-- if it rains, The Friends will move the whole shebang into the library ( and ask that you do your best to keep from tracking construction mud in... maybe leave your Xtra Truffs at the door? Make sure you label them or you could walk home in someone else's boots.) I hear the parade will be on, no matter what, but Nancy Nash did say the band may not be able to march even though their uniform includes those brown rubber boots (I know, because she borrowed a pair from my mud room), because the instruments can't get wet.  It was supposed to already be raining-- and right now (9:15) it's flat calm and cloudy, but not wet. Maybe the forecasters are wrong? It is nice to have the fishermen in our family home. It has been a busy week for them down in Lynn Canal near Juneau. Have a happy, and safe, 4th.

The finish line of last year's Ripinsky Run.


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