A Wednesday Slide Show

From the way to work with Chip-- I wanted you to see Joanne and Phyllis's restored fire house tower getting its finishing touches. Isn't it great?

And the cruise ship, every Wednesday this one docks with more people on board than live here, making for a lot of breathing for residents not used to sharing the sidewalks or the roads.  

Then it's Camp Mimi with the kiddos. My daughter said with Chip's thing I could take a pass, but I prefer the schedule, and seeing them all. He does too. I bet you will like Caroline and Ivy's little 9th of July Parade as well. I know this is all kind of random, but I've been writing a column in every free moment,  and since they are in between the other new chores it has taken longer than it should. But everyday Chip improves. We got his staples out today at the clinic, and Adam the nurse, told Chip he sees the world differently-- and hopefully permanently-- for the better now thanks to Chip and some other friends who have survived near misses-- and how he even had an accident that ruined his 500 dollar eye glasses the other day, but not his eye- and so now Adam thinks that was his lucky day-- and how the bike race spill was also Chip's  lucky day. I had a lucky day, too when I was run over back in 2005. It all could have been so much worse, Adam said, and we agreed, because we know just what he meant.




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