The Power of Kindness

 Yesterday I was reading Roger Rosenblatt's Making Toast, a family story about when his 38 year old daughter died suddenly of a weird undetected heart defect, and how he and his wife moved in with her husband to help care for her three young children. It's spare and unsentimental, but a beautiful little book. In one scene, he visits his granddaughter's second grade class, where he volunteers to teach writing, and while talking about his non-fiction book Children of War, he observes that it is too bad children have no power. His granddaughter raises her hand and says that's not true, "we have the power of thought and kindness." I underlined that. We all have the power of thought and kindness. It would be nice if we used them more. I make notes all over my books.  It's why I'm not sure about ebooks. Well, one reason why. But that's another commentary. We are in the last big hurrah of summer, half-dazed, and feeling a little anxious, with winter approaching, like you do in the last 10 K of a marathon. The weather is fantastic-- it is supposed to be 80(!) and sunny today,-- and the house is messy and full. Chip's mom is here, Christian just left for college, and JJ and Stoli are home until next Saturday. I apologize for not keeping in better touch, but there's too much to do to type all day, so it looks like I won't be at my desk much until after the 22nd.


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