A Little News

So, I'm trying to get it together a bit, but this care-giving thing takes time. Still,  there are a lot of important meetings happening (just as the rain and fog have quit, of course.) But if you can pull yourself away from work, chores or sunshine for an hour or two the wizards at the Arts Confluence, who have won a grant for over 200,000 dollars (yes, those are the correct number of zeros) to improve  the Fort Seward neighborhood would like your input. There are workshops all day today-- and one is even outside, the walking tour called "Through Visitor's Eyes" meets at the Visitor's Center at 1:00 and heads over to the fort 'til 2:45, and takes a walking tour with the planners to see the place anew. 3:00-5:00  there is a meeting on the look and feel of the sign design guidelines at the Assembly Chambers. Tomorrow morning, at 8:45-10:30 is another walking tour of the Fort meeting at the dock, and at 10:30-11:00 there's a meeting at the museum about making our history more relevant, and more brainstorming with the ace planners at 11:15-12:15 in the Assembly Chambers with still more design guidelines discussions 1:30-3:30. Meetings continue on Thursday as well--  Call Christina Baskaya (that would be the former Tina Smith to those of you oldtimers, and the granddaughter of the Fort pioneers Ted and Mimi Gregg) at the Borough 766-2231 ext. 60 for all the details, or email Carol Tuynman at ctuynman@gmail.com  


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