Chip Update

Since you are all no doubt wondering. He's doing great, but bones take time to knit. I've got him on nettle tea and Arnica, and salmon and garden greens, and rest. We both read Legends of the Fall the other day, and it's fun to talk about the same book. And we are watching the Tour de France which makes him wince, with all those crashes, and how about Alberto Contador making up 2 minutes on the pack after his crash.. with a broken tibia? Sigh. Chip is still sleeping in the window seat and I'm on the couch, and Pearl now perks up when he reaches for the crutches and hops in the back seat for the ride to the lumberyard with us on our two daily shifts. (He gets to be there three hours in the morning, and depending, 2-3 in the late afternoon.) Also, Grandma Joanne was due for her summer stay tomorrow, but has delayed her trip a week because of a sore back. I know I shouldn't say this, but the fog and rain and warm woodstove have made sitting inside easier for Chip, well, both of us, I think.

 I haven't heard from the Chilkoot Trail hikers, but they return today. I think I chose a good trip to miss, what with the rain, rain, rain. I have been running off to meetings-- we had a downtown planning meeting last night,  and everyone is pleased with the brewery's move to Main Street, and Mike Ward's sprucing up of Caroline's Closet-- and Lynn Canal Counseling moving into the vacant building by the museum. Also, Jan Hill is moving her craft and bead shop next door to the Hair Shop, so that's all good. There is a re-platting meeting for the old schoolyard at 2:00 today, and I'm hoping to make one of the Fort Seward meetings on Thursday. Wednesdays are still Camp Mimi though-- since Chip likes having his rehab fairies fluttering about.



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