Berry Business

 Eliza says the berries in Juneau are huge -- like grapes-- and there are so many you can pick a gallon without moving. We are heading up the hillside this afternoon with a friend from Klukwan. I asked how Eliza found the great patch. In Haines, it would no doubt be a well kept secret for a select few. She said in Juneau it is easy, since there not that many pickers. Most people in the capital have jobs, and they go to work everyday, year round. Yesterday, on the sunny back deck of the ferry to Juneau, a Haines friend said that it is not that people in Haines don't work, they just try not to, whereas in Juneau, people want full-time jobs. He said he prefers to get a year's worth of work over with in a few months. With any luck, he can stretch that time off to a year or so before he works again. He has lots of time for berries,  fishing, and getting in the winter wood supply that way. On the other hand, some people would say that just living in Haines requires work. Those people probably think what he does in his time off is work. They might think berry picking is work. Maybe the next time I stay at the Baranof with Grandma Jo in August I will check the box that says we are here on business. Berry business. What makes one man's work another man's play?Is it what we call it? Is it wanting to vs. having to? Is it  the labor itself that determines that, or the attitude of the worker to that task? I remember when I was little, Papa Bob, my dad, and a watch company executive, was asked what he did (meaning work) and he said he was a marathon runner. I also know I have nothing but admiration for my husband who works at his store everyday, year round, so his family can pick berries and make him jam for his toast, and I know that writing is not that kind of work. It is more like berry picking. I read, too, that the happiest workers are clergy and firemen. There's a lot to think about. Well, the good news is, I have too much to do today before we go blueberry picking to ponder all this  for another minute. 


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