Happy Tuesday

I am up early, as I had hoped to get to Morning Muscles at 6:00 while Chip was still sleeping-- but it was canceled as Marnie texted very early-- 5:30-- that she needed some sleep.  (Happy Tuesday!) There have been bears up on the hill in her neighborhood, and down in ours, and the dogs were barking most of the night.  I am slightly overwhelmed, in a good way, with high summer and care giving and family, which may explain my not such great writing yesterday that seems to have been misunderstood. As a born and raised New Yorker (Long Island no less) when I say "New York-y" I mean it as a compliment. New Yorkers are my favorite people. In other blog updates, Jim's boat does have a bath tub for Randa (he confirmed this) and, sadly, dear wonderful feisty Helen Streu died yesterday just before the guys at the lumberyard were due to set up a hospital bed at her home for her. She had lived with cancer for a while. Helen, a devout catholic, helped teach me the rosary prayers, so I'm thinking that there was something divine at work yesterday. Caroline has been borrowing my camera lately, so a few days ago I gave her some instructions about holding it carefully, not dropping it -- as well as a little about light and composition, and taking the time to photograph pretty or interesting things. I didn't know she had used the camera yesterday, but when I downloaded images this morning, I discovered this photo that she took. (And several others.)

The plastic rosary was left in the bathroom of a cafe in Seattle near Harborview hospital, and I found it there the morning of Chip's surgery and held on tight to it during that week.  It has been on my desk since.

Also from yesterday-in-pictures, Stoli and I (and our helpers) began smoking some sockeye and the warm wind at high tide brought out the kite surfers.



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