Shake, Prattle and Can

I meant to give you a wonderful update and some brilliant insights yesterday-- but then we had an earthquake so I couldn't. Really. 5.9 at 2:54 in the morning. It shook Pearl and I right off the couch, and as it kept shaking, I thought I better get up and stand over by Chip in the window seat, which is in a little bump-out, so kind of like a doorway, right? About the time I thought we should perhaps head outside and out from underneath the whole house, it stopped. Pearl and I got readjusted on the couch and it started again. We were all tired enough that we slept through the remaining  aftershock shudders much like we do on the ferry as it plows through rough water. Not that the water has been rough around here. The sailing is pretty smooth. I am living in a care-giving bubble, which means a lot of hovering near Chip and days that have a different kind of rhythm (both longer and shorter it seems) and focus (inside more than outside) so am sorry to say am fairly out of the loop, town and nature news-wise.  But I like to think my nursing efforts are paying off, as Chip is very much on the mend. (He may say time is also on his side, which is true, time and rest really does heal better than almost anything. As Doc Feldman told me when I saw him on the beach the other day and sort of bragged about how well I am caring for Chip-- "If he were a dog he'd crawl under the porch for a few weeks" and then he'd emerge healthy. Len always tells it like it is, doesn't he? ) I will be very happy when we can get back upstairs and into a real bed again, but that may be a few more days. One benefit of all these home centered days  is that the garden looks good and the salmon is smoked and jarred. Hopefully, Chip will be up and about before I start cleaning closets. I cannot face them right now. But back to the earth shaker--While the first reports of the quake had the almost auto-response "no reports of damage or injury," there was actually a huge consequence. The underwater fiber optic cable that links us to Seattle and supplies our internet and cell phone service was damaged so the whole town was down for a day, which brings me back to why I couldn't blog yesterday. (Although there really isn't much news, as I've said.)  Still, no facebook, no email, no Outside or statewide news (except the radio, thank you Margaret) was big news, and a revelation for how much we have become dependent on it all. I couldn't check the iPad for details of the earthquake. Lots of people couldn't even work at all, so took Friday off or had longer lunches and afternoon naps. (Just like Chip does.)  I ran back and forth much of the day (in between Chip's drop offs and pick ups and such) working on the funeral mass program copy for Helen Streu (today at 2:00, potluck at around 3:00 at the Legion). Passing around hard copies of the drafts to the printer and priest and family-- it was kind of funny to realize how wired we have become--  yet very nice to not be "linked in"  for a day. I wouldn't mind having the media-fast last longer. ( I think I will write the next Alaska Dispatch News column all about it.) There's a farmer's market today 10-12, it'll be a little soggy, but no doubt full of local produce, this is the boom time for gardens, and next week it's The Fair. (Hospice needs pie booth bakers, more on that in a separate post. Which I will write after I get Chip his breakfast, just in case we get another earthquake...) In the meantime here are some scenes from the week at our house.




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