Last Day of Summer

 I am glad it is raining, since I can't do much until my knee gets fixed (next Friday in Juneau) except laundry and closet cleaning. I could write, and I really should, but with all the family here that is harder than you'd think. I'm a day time writer, not a night time one. And everyone is around all day. JJ and Caroline will be here from 9am to 1pm today, and as soon the baby arrives she gets all of our attention, which is how it should be. A long time ago, I heard Tom Bodett speak about the writing life. He said that before he was a successful writer he did all kinds of cool stuff, from cutting firewood and building his house, to halibut fishing and babysitting his young son. Then, he said, he became a fiction writer and now he sits at his computer all day making up fun stuff for imaginary people to do. I think he was having a bad day, and I think he meant that to be funny. But it scared me. The good news is that after taking most of the summer off from writing to do the business end of writing-- book touring and school and such-- I'm really looking forward to getting back to the routine of it. Today is the last day of summer. Christian is already back in Boulder, and the girls leave for college in Anchorage tomorrow. Which means I'm making mountain goat enchiladas tonight, and they'll be loud music and lots of packing, and many errands to run today. It will be very quiet on Monday. Then I can write. Unless Sarah needs a sitter for Caroline. I need to find out what time the lap sit story hour is a the library. 


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