Primary Day and A Passing

It is primary election day in Alaska, but before I vote, I have Charlie Brouillette's obituary to write. The 86 year-old retired teacher , fisherman, and the grandpa of my son and daughters' friend James, died Saturday. He came to all the basketball games and was so proud of James when the team won the state championship. We ride bikes past his house on the side of the road by the airport almost everyday, and I love the stuffed moose head in his old outhouse. (There's no door.) The Brouillette's cozy house was once across the inlet from mine, at Pyramid Harbor, when the big canneries and the Dalton Trail trailhead to the interior were over there. Charlie's  father floated it to Jones Point and then skidded it up to it's current site. Services for Charlie will be at 3:00 pm Saturday at the Legion. As to the primary, I'm a Democrat, so I can't vote in the much watched Murkowski-Miller senate race. (Miller is the Tea Party guy.) If I could vote in that one, I would vote for anyone who the former-governor-turned-celebrity twitters and tweets at me not to. Plus, I know Lisa, and like her. In the governor's Democratic primary, I'll choose Hollis French, and I'll vote No on both  the propositions. 


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