What's Happening This Week?

Chip asks me that every Monday--  This week things will gradually return to normal some more. He is weight bearing to 20 percent on the right leg, riding an exercise bike a little bit (ten-fifteen minutes a day) and doing some limited leg lifts. This morning he did his workout while I went to the pool and swam and said my Hail Mary's for my family, neighbors, friends-- especially one with terminal cancer-- it feels better to let it all go like that, while I'm just breathing-- all the good and the bad and the gratitude all get mixed up in a nice place in my head and heart. So, also this week, we are walking on the beach carrying bear spray and hollering. There is a ton of bear sign, and yesterday a bear pooped at the end of our driveway in the middle of the afternoon, another stayed in the neighbor's cherry orchard after the police hit it with rubber bullets. Still two more went right through the electric fences on Spencer's farm and made themselves at home, so much so that when I went to pick up my farm-share on Saturday he apologized that the carrots had been mostly destroyed the night before.  But he did have lovely peas, kale, and potatoes.

In church, Walter said he has bears on his cabin porch just about every night. One broke a window while Walter was inside. He said, "I thought about getting a flare gun, but if it went off behind him, he'd run toward me, and the only thing worse than getting mauled by a bear, is being mauled by a flaming bear."  I am cleaning the garage play room for the three African Children's Choir members and their chaperone who will be staying there and are in Haines Sept. 1-3 for a concert you don't want to miss, I'm not sure what day it is but will let you know-- and I am sadly writing George Edwards' obituary. There will be a service for him Weds. at 5:00 at the Legion. There's a lot of digging for the new Main Street hotel, and the brewery will be next to break ground-- so a lot of good changes are in store. Cara Murray has made a fun and colorful mural around the plain concrete Haines School sign, too. There's a meeting tonight for the Vote No to legalize marijuana group in the Chilkat Center lobby at 6:30. Wednesday there are two barbecues- sockeye salmon lunch at the ANB Hall, and another one at the Senior Center 5-7, so we don't have cook all day. Friday, the Klukwan blueberry festival begins (and what a year for blueberries-- they are abundant) and the Fair has its annual meeting and appreciation dinner at 5:00 at the Fairgrounds. The museum's Totem Trot Saturday was  a great time, looking at and learning about all the totems in town was fun,  educational, and the great weather really helped. So glad the organizers arranged for sun and 70. 


Finally, saving the best for last,  Dr. Marnie Hartman continues to have yoga class in her new tower on the Parade Ground at 5:30 Tues. and Thurs., and it turns out that my favorite healer is also a writer-- here's a blog she posted yesterday that made me cry. (I, on the other hand, will never be a yoga teacher.. or a doctor.. so remain grateful every single day for Marnie.)



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