Running,Hunting & Gathering

I've had a busy couple of days. Well, not compared to Kelly Hostettler and friends, who ran from Skagway up to the White Pass yesterday, 40 miles in all-- and will keep going at about a marathon a day for the next ten days  until they swing back down from the Yukon to Haines, on the 360 mile wilderness road route called the Golden Circle. Kelly is running the whole thing, (she did it last year, too) and others are dropping in for shorter stretches-- you can to, and you may donate to the cause, it is a fundraiser for Hospice of Haines.  My big effort is typing up the first packet of school work for my MFA at UAA. I also edited the first Woman's Day column. (It's done, phew. You can read it in November. Now I'm on to December's.) And I wrote a wonderful blog entry yesterday about what we do in Haines for a living, an informal neighborhood survey, (Kelly has a knitting shop and "runs"- pardon the pun-- the Southeast Alaska State Fair) but Tom Morphet took it for the Chilkat Valley News. He's shorthanded still, and there were no obituaries this week. Also, the cross-country team heads to Petersburg today on the ferry, so I had to get them uniforms and type up instructions and inspirational messages. I'm not going, as this is my first year as an assistant coach and I'm passing the team leadership to Liam Cassidy, who is terrific, and my knee is not really travel-ready, and we have a potlatch in Klukwan this weekend for Isabelle Katzeek. I was very fond of her, and Chip and her son John are Tlingit brothers. Fresh moose, (taken this week, out of season, but on a traditional use permit) herring eggs, and salmon are on the menu. John was over for his de-caf coffee this morning, and I told him about Michael Pollan's Omnivore's Dilemma, and the hunter-gatherer meal, where Pollan and his Italian friend shot a California wild pig. John looked at Chip and said, "let's go."  He has a friend in California who has a ranch with too many wild pigs. "They root up everything," John said, looking out at my misty garden and yard. (It's drizzling.) "They'd come through and tear this place up to nothing but holes of dirt, but they are the sweetest eating meat you'll ever taste." It would be fun to write about a couple of Alaskan boys hunting in the Napa Valley. Maybe I can tag along. By then I should be able to jog again, too. It would be nicer to trot in the sunshine. I could even combine the trip with my MFA work. My thesis mentor, Prof. Valerie Miner, teaches Feminist Studies and is an Artist-in-Residence in the English Department at Stanford. Lord knows what she'd think of my camo-clad, armed companions. At least they are not Joe Miller (and you know who) Tea Partyers.


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