Monday Morning News

What with the storm yesterday (raining sideways, blowing about 50) even Pearl wouldn't walk, and I only left the house twice, to take my son to the ferry and for church. For a small congregation there was a lot of news during the half-time stretch when we greet each with, "May the peace of the Lord be with you," or " Lord's peace," or "Peace," or just "Nice to see you, how are you doing?"-- Anyway, we learned that our pianist's oldest daughter, Nori Nash ( whose pen name is Lenora Bell), has signed a whopping big three romance novel contract with Avon, a division of Harper-Collins and that she is really excited (And so was everyone else). Nori grew up here, graduated from Haines High, and is also a diplomat ,currently stationed in Bolivia, I think, but on her way to a posting in Geneva next.  And, if that's not enough big news for one rainy morning, Mary and Linn Asper have returned from the family wedding of local Lutak homeowners Molly Smith and Suzanne Bluestar Boy in Washington D.C. It was Sept. 14 at the Arena Theater there, which Molly directs, and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg performed the ceremony! (Can't wait to see that in bold face in Duly Noted.) "It was momentous," Mary said. The Aspers were part of an Alaska contingent of about 50, and when someone quipped that the  seedy northerners were no doubt easy to spot amid all the city finery, Mary said that actually Molly had sent a nice little a note advising them all what to wear. "Not tuxes and gowns, but one step down," Mary said, so there were no Carharts or Xtra-Tufs.  If that's not enough news--  this morning there was a collective gasp when we learned Woody Pahl's gillnetter the Kyra Dawn capsized in last night's storm, it was gusting to 70, according to one  captain who texted his wife about it,  but there was joy all around that the crew were rescued and are safe, thanks to young Chris Olsen, and apparently Brad Badger was standing by as well.  When it rains it pours. Thank goodness this time there are happy endings all the way around. The weather is even clearing,  although there's snow under the clouds up high. Finally, tonight from 5-7 in the Sheldon Museum the DDF team and Haines People for Peace are hosting a local candidate forum focusing on borough government. KHNS will host another one Thursday night at 7-9 in the Haines High open area on all kinds of topics,  and using your questions. Also, Saturday the Bamboo Room and Pioneer celebrate 60 years with 1/2 off all meals 'til 3pm, and a costume party (your favorite era in the past 60 years) with a band begins at 9pm. Sara J's last day is Friday, so you may want to stop by for some coffee and good eats before she closes for the winter. And if you are out with the dogs on the Chilkat Beaches, be careful, the bears are moving through.


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