Peace and Carrots

I missed the news about Alaskans eating locally for a week, so I'm trying it now. I missed the unplug the TV  week too, mainly because I don't watch much TV. It makes me a seasick. (And lately, the news makes me heart sick as well. As my father groans, "where are our founding fathers?" Can you imagine a president today whose home was named Peacefield, as John Adams' was?) Anyway, back to happier thoughts, like the bounty of gardens and salmon. It is fun to eat as much as we can locally, and good for your heart and soul. This time of year it couldn't be easier. If  you don't garden, you can still pick berries and buy local carrots, kale, and apples at the grocery stores.  I tell the cross-country team, every day it seems, to eat mostly things found in nature. Hot Pocket or apple? Gummy Bears or blueberries? Lunchmeat or salmon? It's easier than that Sesame Street game about which one doesn't belong, but sometimes even big kids miss the lessons from pre-school. (Speaking of grown-ups, locally made products count, on my list anyway, like Haines Brewery beer and Mountain Market's roasted coffee beans.) Next time you make dinner, see how many of the ingredients you can get locally. Also, at the SEARHC clinic, yesterday before my physical therapy appointment, I browsed some handouts, and they offered this easy advice for getting healthier: add one fruit or one vegetable to each meal, and take a half hour walk.  You could make your own little declaration of independence, and find peace of heart, by walking to the store to buy carrots from Henderson's Farm. It's a lovely day for both.


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