Morning Hunt Postcard

I just came in from a brisk (ice on the puddles frost on the meadow) moose hunt, and have time for coffee and breakfast before heading to KHNS for the country show 1-3pm. (You can listen anywhere now.) The moose are safe, but I believe this is the best rehab program for Chip, so it has been quite successful. Look at him smile. (We did see one young moose, running way down the road on our drive home...) Tonight it is the mayoral candidate forum, with former mayor Jan Hill and current mayor Stephanie Scott at  7pm in the High School open area. I'm going for sure. I'd really like to hear what they have to say. Margaret will read written questions from the audience (there will be a basket in the back to place yours in) and they are anonymous, so there's no excuse not ask what's on your mind. Sunset is at around 6:15, so there's no daylight to hunt in either. (Although I suspect Chip will watch the ball game. How about that KC Royals team?) 



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