A Lovely Lunch

 I lunched with the ladies at Mosey's Mexican Cantina in the Fort yesterday, there were nine of us, between about 40 and about 80, and we sat outside in the sun at the picnic table in the garden by the dahlias and the last of the summer's bolting lettuce, overlooking the dock and Portage Cove. We could smell fall- there were high-bush cranberries in the bushes nearby- and see it, there was fresh dusting of snow across the inlet on the very top of Santa Claus Mountain, but the sun was so warm we didn't need jackets. We talked about birthdays (it was Sue's) and anniversaries (it was Anna's 25th, "silver", she told us.) And weddings- there were Northern lights on this night 25 years ago. Anna always remembers that. We also talked about bears (they are everywhere) children at college, (even the meals they didn't like so much would taste good right now) heart medication, (Sue's husband is recovering from a heart attack) and various health issues from knees and colds to TB and cholesterol, and dahlias, (How did Mosey's grow so tall? Where do you store the tubers in the winter?) how Sue's mother-in-law always shopped the sales at the very best stores for wedding gifts, and that when she moved into an assisted living facility recently she left 42 luxury towel sets, boxed and wrapped, in a closet, and many more lovely glass sets, candlesticks, dessert plates...you get the idea. This made me feel better, because I was thinking that I really should start shopping ahead for special occasions, now that I have time with the kids gone. (Although the "little" girls are coming home for JJ's birthday in a month.) Anyway, now I'm thinking that last-minute is better. But mostly we laughed like friends do at the funny cards,  (most with a post-it note greeting to Sue, so she can re-give them and we can laugh all over again) and at how much fun the Buddha Board that Beth gave Sue was. You paint with water on the white surface, and a few minutes later it vanishes, like invisible ink.  "It's all about the process," Beth said. Everyone agreed that Sue should set it up in the Haines Borough office where she works, for complaints. An hour and a half after we arrived, we drifted back to our cars, and work, or home, or berry picking, or knee icing,  or the surprise Labor Day sale at the second-hand shop. (Nelle announced that she had spent 12 dollars on salt and pepper shakers and a really nice vintage cookie jar.) I want to do this again before the next birthday. Maybe I'll clean the China closet, and invite the ladies over for lunch and let them pick things to keep or re-give. That would be more fun than having a garage sale.


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