Heart Health

I had my oatmeal this morning, with blueberries and a glass of orange juice, which my father Papa Bob, says is very good for my heart and cholesterol. Then I heard Fireman Al on the radio talking about the same heart healthy things. Fireman Al's Safety Talk on KHNS helped to save  my life. He is the one who reminded me, just the week before I was run over by a truck, to keep my head in an emergency. Al said to tell someone specific to call 911, and tell them what to say. Which is why I said "Joanne, call 911 and tell Fireman Al Heather's been run over by a truck." Anyway, that's old news, but it did make my heart happy that my friend Tim survived his heart attack, in part, because of Fireman Al's advice, as well. Tim said he felt this overwhelming sense of impending doom, of dread, and he felt kind of sick. Then he remembered that Fireman Al said that symptoms of heart trouble can vary from the physical (pain, tightness, numb arm) to the emotional-- people can feel a sense of "impending doom." Tim recognized that, and even though he was thousands of miles from Haines, visiting his parents in an assisted living facility,  he told the nurse he was having a heart attack, and to call 911, and, best of all, because he knew what was happening, he is,-- heart happily for all of us-- home safe and well today, and no doubt eating his oatmeal and blueberries this morning with orange juice, and chewing his daily baby aspirin. Speaking of which, maybe you should have some of those in the bathroom. Fireman Al just said that the best thing you can do for someone having heart attack symptoms before he, and the rest of the ambulance crew arrives, is have them chew four baby aspirin. (He said they can chew regular aspirin, but it tastes horrible.) 


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