I Live in an Amazing Place

Just yesterday I met a bicycling British botanist studying butter and egg plants. (Beach wildflowers that look like yellow snapdragons.)How's that for a mouthful of bs? It gets better, not only does the stunt double for Chubacka (I'm not sure if I spelled that right..)-- the big hairy guy in Star Wars-- live here, but yesterday I learned the former Mr. Bubbles from Sesame Street does. Kelly Hostetler has been running for the better part of two weeks as a fundraiser for Hospice of Haines and has covered over 300 miles. This morning her husband dedicated that Jackson Brown running song to her  on the radio. How sweet is that? And my friend Ralph is on his way up to the pass to run 30 miles with her tomorrow. He brought a lemon pie and his famous chocolate chip cookies. They'll start at Three Guardsmen Mountain, in case you are in the area and want to join them for a jog and some pie. Kelly plans on running into Fort Seward Sunday by 4:30, so you can meet her on the road Sunday afternoon, too. Wow. 360 miles in ten days. The cross country team won't be able to run in from the airport with her this year, like we did last year, because we are flying to Yakutat for a meet in the shadow of Mt. Fairweather.  If that isn't all remarkable enough, my daughters' friend Christine Hansen --and one of my former cross-country running stars-- shook President Barack Obama's hand this week. She said his handshake was firm and that he looked her right in the eye and said "hello."  


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