Inspirational Message

The Haines Glacier Bears cross-country running team will be in Yakutat tomorrow for a meet. (We leave on the ferry for Juneau in a few minutes.) Each meet, I write inspirational messages, type them and print them and hand them out before a race. Here is the one for  9-11-10. (Don't let the kids know, they won't see it until tomorrow.)---
It is time to race, to find my pace and to do my best. Today I will be running to see what I am capable of. How hard can I go? What is my best pace? I’ll start out strong, settle in and finish strong. I’ll smile. On the way I’ll reel in the runners in front of me like so many halibut on a skate, like cohos on a trolling line, like a big old Yakutat steelhead on a five-weight rod. I will run like a glacier bear over the ice fields of the mighty Malaspina. Today, I will do my best in memory of all those people who died on 9-11 nine years ago. I will run because they can’t, and because I can.  I’ll run because someday I may have to run to help someone like those rescue workers did.  Thank you for this place, this day, the rain and wind and sunshine, and for all the runners gathered here with me. Thank you for all the people who love me, and all the people I love. The proper response to this day, and every day, is love not hate. I’ll run with joy and all my heart. I’ll do the best that is within me.  Lucky me. Lucky us. 


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