Election Week News

At the pool this morning Leanne and I were talking about this week's crazy election results: Alaskans statewide voted progressively and liberally in passing three ballot initiatives that raised the minimum wage, protected Bristol Bay from big mining interests, and legalized pot-- and we voted in GOP Rep. Don Young again and a new GOP senator, apparently, although we are still counting votes-- and neither agree with the majority of Alaskans on any of that stuff and on lots more. I can't explain it. ( Haines, and all  of Southeast, Alaska, voted Blue all the way from Skagway to Ketchikan.)

We are still waiting for the final count to determine who is governor, but right now Bill Walker and Byron Mallott on a Unity ticket that's basically half Republican and half Democratic are ahead of GOP incumbent Sean Parnell. (If you want to know more, here's an entertaining Alaska election re-cap from much acclaimed Mud Flat blogger Jeanne Devon that explains what happened.)

Then there's the story of Senator Lisa and the volcano that I heard on the radio yesterday and almost spit out my coffee over. Did she really say this? (And you can blame me for this one, as I voted for Lisa and am hoping she just had a little too much champagne at the party or something...)

It's a good thing I have dogs that are too busy to read the news and that time, like an ever rolling stream, really does wash our cares away.

My Thanksgiving turkey from Mt. Market arrived this week and is tucked into the freezer, last night in choir practice we began rehearsing Christmas music, and Chip has decided to go deer hunting after all, and heads out on the ferry for Hoonah and then Elfin Cove today. Tonight, I'm going out for movies and pizza-- thanks to the Watershed Council and the Fair, who once again have brought the Wild and Scenic Film Festival of 11 short inspirational films to Haines. It begins at 5:30 at Harriett Hall. See you there? 


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