Counting Heads and Antlers

My first column For Woman's Day will run in November, and it is a bit of an introduction to Haines. Yesterday a magazine fact checker inquired about my population number, "About 2200, but I don't think everyone has ever been home at the same time." She had found other estimates. In response, I did some web-searching, too. Haines census data site says 1,749 as of July 2009, the Haines Community Web Site says 2,450 in the summer, 1,800 in winter, another source says 2,392, and still one more says 2,245. The Haines Chamber of Commerce says 2,400.  Woman's Day decided to go with, "about 2300." (The Haines Chamber also lists "timber" as a main industry, --there are more people earning a living counting endangered tortoises in the Southwest than cutting trees--, and dog mushing as a popular winter activity. There is one musher in Haines, while Yoga class meets three times a week in the winter. But that's another story.) On the plus side, I guess Big Brother really isn't paying too much attention to how many of us there are. We do know how many moose there are, sort of.  "A couple hundred, maybe 200, they come and go," my moose hunting husband said this morning as he packed his gear for a day up the river. Hunting season begins today,  which means there will soon be about 20, or maybe 25, fewer moose.


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