Night Music

We have just under eight hours of daylight today-- but oh, what light it is-- all frosty and bright- and it is supposed to be clear all week. The nights are worth standing out in the yard for with a coat on before bed, too. There were no Northern lights, but there were stars and a moon last night, and they shone on the river. At about four Pearl woke me up growling. I shushed her, and she did it again, and then I heard what she had-- a tin honking out the window, off keyish, and loud, like a sixth grade band practice. I looked out and saw a flock of Trumpeter swans, about ten or twelve of the big white birds, flying South by moonlight. I forgave Pearl. (And then went back to sleep for a few more hours and missed who knows what out there.)

Tonight there will be Tlingit music and dancing at the Bald Eagle Foundation, with Wayne Price speaking as well, from 7-9. There's a reception with snacks and such before, from 5-7.  Crystal wanted to me to remind you that there's a special musical presentation at the library noon-1 on Friday, Lunch and Learn with the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra. (Bring your own lunch.) Members of the orchestra explain what they do via video conference. Friday night at 6:30 Seth Kantner and Beth Hill will be at the library presenting their new children's book, Pup and Pokey.


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