Summer in September

 Today is my oldest daughter Eliza's birthday, she is 27 and teaching fourth grade in Juneau. It is hard to believe it is already 60 degrees and sunny at 10 am. On a few September sixteens we have had a thin layer of ice on the puddles in the morning .(And just about all have had lots of puddles.)  Eliza was about the same age as baby Caroline is when we came to Haines. I loved walking around town with her in the backpack. Yesterday, I took Caroline out in her baby backpack, and we made the same rounds. From the lumberyard to the boat harbor, visiting with the fishermen and admiring the fleet (in for the week) and then up Main Street, to the bookstore, and then the newspaper office. We came home through the Presbyterian churchyard. Before cutting down the path to the harbor road,  I noticed the clinic across the street. I was giving her the tour, and explaining as we went along what we were seeing, so I said, "Caroline, that is where your mother was born." And all of the sudden I was so happy that Caroline's mother lives here still, and that Caroline does too, and that she was spending the afternoon with me, in the backpack, like my own children did, that I had to stop a second and breathe.
I'll take her out again today, and remind her that she may never see another September day like this for at least 27 years. (It is a first for me.) I had to check the calendar and make sure it wasn't April Fool's when I heard the forecast this morning, " 75 degrees and sunny." And the for the rest of the weekend-- sunny near 70. It's summer in September. (Heck, better than summer. It rained all of July.)
I apologize for being a little chatty, and scattered. I am a slave to the pressure canner gages for the next 100 minutes. They keep zipping up to 15 pounds, then dropping dangerously close to 11 pounds when I turn down the gas, so I have to keep checking them. It's nice to have the last batch of smoked sockeye  in the jars. I only smoked these fish a day though, since I didn't want to leave a full smokehouse for my night time bear visitor. (He hasn't been back since the apple tree attack, but better safe than sorry.) Last night, the moon was huge, and the stars were out, but we didn't walk on the beach either. After dark the bears are fishing. Chip remains moose-less, after two days of trying, (and so far, it looks like everyone has.) Blame it on the weather. It's too hot for moose hunting, but  it's perfect baby walking weather.
Here is a Haiku review from Emily Reads, a fun (quick) book review site for Garden and Dogs:
Kathleen Norris plus
Anne Lamott plus the chick from
Northern Exposure
(If you haven't read Kathleen Norris and Anne Lamott, you really should. I'm not in their league at all, but know enough to say thank you when I get such a compliment. As to the chick from Northern Exposure, do you think she means the post mistress --you know, the older gal with the grocery store-- , the cute waitress, or the sassy pilot? On second thought, don't answer that.)


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