Good Knight Baby

That's the decal Lexie gave to Kendra Knight at the baby shower last night. It's for the wall over her soon to be Baby Boy Knight's crib.  How sweet is that? Kendra's mother, Frankie, told the women assembled that when the baby comes, we will be the ones supporting Kendra, her husband Alex, and their little family, she said, "How blessed we are that you are our friends... and each and every one of you are part of their support system." Which made us all blurry eyed. Then  Christy said, " We don't have to do anything, do we?" And everyone laughed. Frankie had us play those baby shower games I am horrible at. There was a newborn quiz, with questions like "How many hours does a newborn sleep?" (16) One mother of an infant guessed much less, and then said, "If  I get an "F" will they take my baby away?" Another question asked, " What was the age of the oldest to give birth?" (67!) " Sure, but who would want to?" Nancy said.


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