Talking Turkey

Eliza's family arrives on today's ferry at noon, and  JJ and Bryan ferry up from Juneau first thing tomorrow. The turkey is in the brine and I did put some spruce boughs in the window box by the door. I have shopped. The beds are made. I keep counting chairs. How will I fit 15, maybe 16, adults and three children at a table together? Do I even have tablecloths? Can I use sheets? Maybe the little girls would prefer a child's table?


Every time I look at that turkey I feel a little sorry for him in that bucket like that.  

But enough about me-- here's what Marnie wanted to make sure you know for tomorrow: There will be a Turkey Trot at 9 am at her tower in the Fort. The run/ walk  will be the Mud Bay Small Tracts Loop, about 4 miles-- or you may do as many laps as you'd like around the Parade Ground. There is no entry fee, no timing, no t-shirts, and if you need snacks and water bring them.  But there will be friends, neighbors, dogs, and strollers, and a good march or run to start the day off properly. The weather is supposed to be clear, colder, and really windy. 

And finally, a good laugh from Alaska. It's our little Thanksgiving gift to the world, courtesy of former Governor Sarah Palin. (Forgive me, but I think this is hilarious.)


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