The Power of Positive Talking

Here is how coaches survive traveling with fifteen teenagers-- the kind of travel that includes sleeping on the floor in school gyms and classrooms for three nights out of every seven for five weeks in a row-- when you unfold from a sleepless night under a desk in a math classroom at six on Sunday morning,your face imprinted with the carpet design, hobble to the door and pad down a hallway littered from last night's big dance (which you chaperoned without ear plugs, and that could explain the buzzing in your head) toward the public restroom, and see your co-coach sitting on a chair in the hall reading by headlamp, you say: "I slept great. I have never felt better."  He laughs, and you do too, and then you both actually do feel better. Maybe you did sleep a little, after all.
One more thought: The best thing I heard at last night's assembly candidate forum in the lobby of the Chilkat Center for the Arts was the singing coming from the theater during a South Pacific rehearsal. The music was terrific. It is going to be a great show, buy a ticket now, take a friend. I'm really sorry to miss what promises to be a wonderful musical. The girls team leaves for the state meet Thursday, and three boys also qualified. We'll drive the school van the 800 or so miles across Alaska and the Yukon on Thursday and Friday. The meet is Saturday in Anchorage, and we leave right after it for Tok. If the roads are not too snowy we should be home Sunday night. And yes, I'm already singing 'I can't wait to get on the road again...'


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