Community Matters: Vote.

Yesterday I took Caroline to lap-sit story hour at the library. There were 17 babies between 6 months to three years old there, along with their parents and grandparents. It was crowded and happy and diverse-- all the best things about this community. This was October. These were not summer people or visitors. They were us. Community matters, so today I'm voting for community values-- for children, for the library, for education and recreation, for the pool and a downtown facelift. I'm voting for candidates who believe businesses should obey the law-- and for people who have really done a lot for Haines, over many years, from developing a world class swim team to keeping our town safe. Also, they are both gentlemen who are thoughtful and respectful. (I wish one of those story hour moms would run, maybe next time.)I've attended a fair share of assembly meetings, and am amazed at how rude some people can be toward those with opposing views.  That behavior would never fly at lap-sit story time, it shouldn't at the assembly. I have left many of those same meetings thinking that the assembly must be somehow residing in a different community than mine. Often, I don't agree with anything they say or do. My friends don't either. This is especially weird, since when they explain why they are doing what they do, they say it is for local businesses. They say they speak for me-- and my family-- who own a small business and have for over twenty years. So, please vote for a positive, thoughtful assembly, for guys that know that the glass of Haines is half full,  for children and libraries and swim teams and cleaning up junky buildings, and streets made safe for walking and cycling. Please vote for Steve Vick and Greg Goodman. 


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