New Haines Blog

 My physical therapist, Dr. Marnie the Wonderful, has a new blog for this season's Well & Fit Community Challenge, a great class she facilitates at Community Ed for anyone wishing to be healthier in mind, body, and spirit. (At least that's what I see it as.) Last week she suggested writing a note to someone you appreciate. Since it is blowing about fifty and raining sideways, and I was still able to wrestle in the lawn chairs and put a load of firewood on the porch, I think I'll write Marnie a note thanking her for getting me back on my feet and keeping me strong. The blog us updated each Monday, and I hope you make it a regular stop.  I've added it to my list of favorite local links. Also, Marnie leads Morning Muscles Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7am in the Chilkat Center lobby, all women welcome, and  if you are a singer, or want to be, the Haines Women's A Cappella Choir begins the fall season with practice Thursday at 6 pm (please note the first time I wrote 7pm was wrong--) at the museum. It is really good for your heart. (There's nothing like singin' and liftin' in the rain...)


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