Movable Weekends

 I pretended that Thursday and Friday were the weekend this week, and did all those chores I haven't done on the weekends I've been traveling with the cross country team-- and before that having knee surgery, and before that all the book tour and summer residency for my MFA. Men don't understand that women like to have everything in order before we play. Chip keeps saying he doesn't mind whenever one of the spice jars crashes to the counter from the stuffed cabinet, but I kind of do. In all, I've been gone at least half of every month since April. So, I cleaned the cupboards, (why did I have four jars of cream of tartar? What is it for?) washed the windows, brought the geraniums in, dusted, cleaned my desk. Made brownies and muffins, and went to yoga,  jogged and chatted it up with Tom and the gang in the newspaper office. He said he needs an obituary, and if someone doesn't die soon I might have to start writing features about live people. I did help with a feature on Emblem Club state president Michelle Stigen.  I asked her how she survived giving birth to twins twice, "it was easier the second time", she said. 


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