This is Not a Rehearsal...

It's life these days for the seven of us in the play- and our director, stage manager and the four tech/prop/make-up people. "Dancing at Lughnasa" has been our life for the darkest, worst some would say-- part of the winter, so I suppose the sunshine and blue sky -- it feels like spring-- is more than  a metaphor. And while the show is on tonight at 7:00- in a way for us it is the beginning of the end. There's tomorrow night, and Sunday afternoon at 1:00, and then that's it. I used to think the performance was the thing-- the goal-- and while it is, I mean, it's bringing out the best in all of us, but being in a play is a little like training for a marathon-- it's the hours, days, and weeks leading up to it that is the most rewarding, challenging, humbling-- and educational.

 Here's a postcard from backstage just before the dress rehearsal last night-- can't you see why I love these people? and all that they- we- are bringing to this play?



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