Raffle Logic

 I didn't win the load of gravel for my driveway in the Friends of the Library raffle. Gary A. did. (Barb sold the ticket, and says she knows which Gary A. that is.) There were 35 prizes and I didn't win any. Before the drawing Friends board member Art Jess  wrote a check for a pack of tickets ( 5 dollars each, or 3 for 12) and when  Friends President Sara Chapell said she'd put the stubs in the waste basket they were keeping them in, he said not to bother, he didn't buy them to win, but to support the library. Which, of course, is true, but it would have been nice to get a little prize. Linda Geise didn't win the election for Borough Assembly, but she did win a gift certificate to Debi Knight- Kennedy's new Forget-Me-Not Gallery up behind the Chilkat Center.  Diane Nelson won twice, and she wasn't the only one, which was weird, since they really shook and stirred that basket of stubs after the first double. Maybe Art should have put his tickets in.To see if you won anything, stop by the library. While you are out, walk down to the museum and visit George Figdor's photo exhibit of his exotic travels. It's free,  and the next best thing to winning a trip around the world.


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