JJ's Birthday

My poor husband was up for hours before anyone rousted themselves out of bed. "We college girls need some sleep," JJ announced as she came down in her PJs. It was not that late-- about 8, but Chip had been up since 5, waiting for them. (Stoli is still sleeping, but at least she has two dogs on her bed, so she's doing us all a big favor.) Also, as soon as JJ got downstairs the local radio went off and an Austin Powers DVD went in. "College girls need some laughs." JJ said as she dropped onto the couch, adding that she never appreciated a soft sofa until dorm life. "This is so nice," she said. Both girls are home from UAA for a long weekend to celebrate JJ's 20th birthday tomorrow-- this was her birthday wish-- along with the fall birthdays of two of her sisters-- Eliza's was Sept. 16 and Stoli's is Nov. 16.  They will all be here for dinner tomorrow night (Eliza flies up from Juneau in the morning, Sarah lives here-- the only kid missing will be Christian, he's in Boulder so we'll have to wait until Christmas to see him.) They have requested a Chilkat Chocolate Cake (our lighter version of the Fiddlehead Cookbook's North Douglas cake) and mountain goat enchiladas. No doubt JJ will say, "let's send the man-child a to-go box, priority mail." (The girls call their only brother the man-child.) The one downside to all this family fun is that we'll miss the fabulous Japanese dinner at the Elks tomorrow night, but you shouldn't. I'd invite you over, but the table is already full, and I am so grateful. It was getting a little quiet around here.  


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