Some News


I got the first hardcover of my new book in the mail yesterday from my editor at Algonquin Books-- and it is thrilling to hold, but scary too. Remember that I was hit by a truck when my first book came out, and the memory of that haunts each launch, I'm afraid. (Although Garden and the Dogs went fine, but still.) It won't be for sale until April 28th. (This is funny too, as one of my friends said, "What do you mean, we can't buy it until midnight like 'Harry Potter' ?") Not exactly... My guess is business hours will be fine. Also, some of you have asked about pre-ordering. I don't sell my books. Bookstores do, and I really like bookstores, so please order yours from your local independent bookstore if you are lucky enough to have one. In Haines on April 28th we will have a launch party at the library, that will also be a fundraiser for the new expansion project, which to me is a win-win for  the library, for the bookstore, and for Haines, which has a great library and a great Main Street bookseller.( What goes around comes around.) I will be reading a little from the new book at the Northern Light showcase Sunday night at 7 in the Chilkat Center, as part of the local talent show, so you can get a short preview.  And there will be a regional tour in May around the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.


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