War is Something to Pray About

 JJ is up talking to her dad, and I hear him making a fire now, and since I don’t want to miss anything, she and Stoli and Eliza all leave on the afternoon ferry, I’ll be quick about sharing something I think is worth thinking about, and since it is Sunday, praying about. Dianne Nelson, the one who won the Friends of the Library raffle, twice, told me that in addition to the gift certificate from our store, Lutak Lumber, she won the case of canned salmon from Haines Packing Co. She’s sending the fish to Afghanistan and some young soldiers she has adopted at soldiersangels.org. “They deserve some real Alaska goodies,” she said.  Her grandson Jeff is in the Army and was over in the Mideast for a while, in Iraq, I think. He may still be. I haven't paid as much attention to these wars as I should.  Dianne said Jeff’s friend Joe, who was 6 days shy of his 22nd birthday, was killed the other day in Afghanistan. My son will be 22 in May. He and Jeff played basketball together. Dianne told me all of that, as I was getting ready to celebrate my daughter’s 20th birthday. This is a little closer than six degrees of separation (especially in a mother’s heart.) Sometimes it is hard to grasp what all those war casualty numbers mean. But now I’m thinking about Jeff’s friend Joe, and his family who won’t have him home for Thanksgiving, or Christmas or a surprise birthday visit --ever again-- and I can’t stand it.  That’s when Dianne reminded me to remind you, that the Haines Animal Rescue Kennel has a nice raffle going on right now. You can get tickets at Babbling Book, King's Store, HARK or any of their board members. Which is, I suppose, the way we humans are, we keep trying to do good things in the face of bad news. As to those soldiers, you can check out that website Dianne uses, or call the American Legion, the Auxiliary ladies will be filling holiday boxes for the local soldiers serving overseas, soon. Also, you can pray they'll be safe, and come home in one piece, and while you have God's ear, please pray that He ends all wars. 


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