Best Haines Classified Ad of the Week

Old phonebooks needed

Your old Phonebook donations will be appreciated at the American Bald Eagle Foundation. As enrichment we have been giving our raptors old phonebooks to tear up and they seem to love it... Our owl Sarah the Great Horned Owl has been sitting on hers! Thank you!!

(I am not 100% well, but I'm no longer wearing a bathrobe covered with crumbs and spilled tea wheezing orders like a crone at the carpenters. They are gone, and now John is here plastering the patched up walls, and he just invited me to his June 6th wedding, and we agreed that it is a wonderful thing to find happiness the second time around and that we are lucky that this life isn't over 'til its over, and there's a huge eagle preening on a log in the wind down on the beach, and if that isn't enough joy for one morning, the sun is breaking through the clouds like heaven in childrens Bible illustrations and Pearl is barking for her walk and I am the lucky person who gets to take her.)


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