Celebrating Big Moments

I am so grateful that the Haines library asked me to have my official book launch there and that it will also be the kick-off for LEAP (Library Expansion and Addition Project), the 10 dollar ticket will go toward the fundraising campaign (plus there will be a lot of good food and lovely lemon-y beverages), and I will be talking about Find the Good, and reading from it, and if you are in Haines and haven't bought a copy yet, the Heywoods will be there with books for me to sign for you.

I was a little worried when the books went on sale before the 28th-- what happened was that some booksellers (on-line especially) began selling them early, so our local store had no choice but to jump in-- and other stores did too- But I'm over that. I mean, having people eager to buy my book is a great problem to have--. I also think the launch will be nicer now without the rush and my pre-sale what-will-people-think nerves.It's been so much better to ease into this. I had a great time at the bookstore on Thursday signing books in a busy, impromptu way. I think it was actually much nicer than a big broo-ha-ha.  The reading and party at the library will be less frantic because of that, and I will be way calmer. ( Did I mention that the Heywoods will still be selling books so you can buy another one to send to your mother for Mother's Day, or if you haven't bought one already, can do it then too--)

I have been thinking a lot about celebrating big moments lately. I haven't done that in my life. I ran my first marathon (and all the others-- I even won one) without any fanfare at all, mainly because I knew I could run a little faster next time, and then without warning I was suddenly not going to run another, and now I wished I had thrown a party. After my accident, I planned a party too, with champagne, for when I could walk again -- I even had a few bottles friends gave me-- but then I never did it. I kept waiting for when I could dance-- and by then I didn't want to call to attention to my injuries. I wanted to be normal. Our 30th anniversary came and went with a card and a kiss. Anyway, the point is, I think differently now, I think it is good to celebrate your big moments in life, whatever they are-- and for me, a third book is a very big deal, and keeping the library in Haines up to date and meeting the needs of my grandchildren's generation is too--  so please join me on the 28th, for a real launch party, at the beautiful Haines Borough Public Library!




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