Fall and Flamenco

It's not just the snow on the mountains that signal winter is coming. You can tell the weather is closing in and fall is in the air when 20 women show up for Morning Muscles at 6 am on a Tuesday morning to have Marnie put us through our paces with weights and sit ups and jumping jacks, before coffee even. Also, it was dark when we began and dark when we left. There's that, and the Arts Council begins their winter series tomorrow night with an entertaining (and terrific) Juno Award winning guitarist-- (The Juno is Canada's Grammy.) His name is Robert Michaels, he's from Toronto, and he has a band backing him up--  if that's not enough, his daughter dances while they play Flamenco and Latin jazz. Just what we all need about now, don't you think? Tom Heywood saw Michaels perform last year in Boise and said he's amazing on several levels-- he's a great musician, and he really connects with the audience. Tom said his show is great for the whole family, which is nice, too.  They get in today on the ferry, and the Arts Council is having a potluck supper for them over at our house tonight. (Guess I better pick up the living room, and find that red Flamenco dress, I know it is around here somewhere.)  The show is tomorrow night, at 7pm in the Chilkat Center. Tickets are on sale at the Babbling Book store-- adults are 15 dollars, seniors 12, students 8, and it's 40 for the whole family. 


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