The Calm Before the Storm?

Tomorrow (April 28th) is the big book launch day, and the party at the Haines library 5-7, and then I'm off on tour Friday, first in Palmer at Fireside Books on Saturday, then Powell's in Portland Monday, the Ketchikan Library Wednesday, and then Old Harbor books in Sitka Thursday. ( The whole tour schedule is on my home page..) I am a little nervous, as the early reviews are good, but what does that mean? Nothing, actually. I'm lucky I have a steady friend who leans toward Buddhism. This morning on our walk I asked her what she thought would happen with Find the Good and she said, "What difference does it make?" and waved her arms at the beach and the birds and sea lions and all the scene that is Spring and the hooligan run on the Chilkat River. We already have so much. 

Still, there are good omens, for starters her birthday is also April 28th, and then Tom Morphet's Chilkat Valley News won the best small newspaper in the state from  the Alaska Press Club for the second year in a row, and I do write obituaries for them, so that's something, and the radio staff won a bunch of awards from the Alaska Press Club too, and I'm on the KHNS board ( and my friend Margaret did this fun interview at my kitchen counter last week and yes, I know, Emma Lazarus is the Statue of Liberty poet. That'll teach me to act smart.)-- and the school was ranked #1 in Alaska this weekend too. Wow. (We are above average aren't we?) There's all that, and I managed to fill five boxes for the big annual hospice rummage sale this weekend ( the drop off is Friday at Harriett Hall), and now it's time to plant dahlias. It's pretty easy to find the good in all that, wouldn't you say?



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