On the Road in Portland with Find the Good

Actually, it's more like in the sky-- to-ing and fro-ing. Palmer was great Saturday, Fireside books is a terrific store, and it was really neat to see how the bookstore, a cafe, some shops, and the city have totally revitalized downtown Palmer into a charming little community center. Haines can learn from them.

My plane was delayed yesterday, so I didn't get into Portland until late and had a busy day today-- TV, radio, and then Powell's for a reading at 7 tonight. I'm better at this than you'd guess. Chip is amazed I even made it to Palmer on my own, much less Portland.

Here are a few scenes from the Portland waterfront, which has all the parking across the street by the way--, and the walkway is set back from the banks in some places, too. Also, skateboards, bikes, roller blades, jogging strollers, scooters- all are totally fine in this city. The signs just ask for courtesy, and it seems to be working. I think if Haines is the Adventure Capital of Alaska, then we should take notes, and let those heli-skiers and summer adventure seekers, and our own kids, skate, roll, and ski away in our downtown. Here's what I saw today: a girl walking while reading a fat library book, a man in a nice suit on a skate board weaving through traffic, homeless people in a tarp tent on the park lawn, a cyclist pulling her Golden Retriever in a baby trailer, a Cinco De Mayo carnival on the park strip, smokers huddled by back doors, dragon canoes being paddled down the river, a crew team practicing, twin toddlers riding on the back of a recumbent bicycle for two pedaled by their parents, many Priuses, flowers everywhere, hipster guys with plugs in their ears and skinny jeans, and women runners training for the Portland Marathon.



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