Women are Better

You know how when wives, say, accidentally leave a coffee cup on the hood of the car at Mountain Market and drive off as it bounces in the mud, oblivious, and how husbands tend to make a lot of jokes about that? As if forgetting is something men never do?  So what is a seasoned bear hunting guide to do when he loses a valuable rifle, perhaps that same way? He mumbles and curses and drives up and down the road looking for it. Then he assumes it is gone forever, that some lucky guy picked it up and kept it, no doubt thinking it dropped from heaven. But his wise wife thinks: It's a gun, for gosh shake, it's not like it would be hard to notice. It's not like there a lot of them on the side of the highway, like beer cans. It's not like it could blow away. So she does what she'd do if she lost a dog or found an earring on the sidewalk, she puts a Listener Personal on KHNS radio, which volunteer DJs read yesterday: "Lost along the Haines Highway, a 458 Winchester model 70",  she gave her name and a number to call if it was found. The rifle was returned, safe and sound. Which, as my friend Nancy says, just goes to show,  women are better.


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