On the Road Again

It's been a flurry of a few days at home-- the sun, the garden, the family, the laundry and the construction-- the bedroom is more or less done, but the bath room is still wrapped in visqueen and tape and all the fixtures are in the hall. Still, I did not spend my time dealing with it-- I can do that when I get home in nine days-- and then I'll be here for a while and get back to keep you posted. I do feel better today, having learned of a new Haines baby to balance off the loss of a beloved former Headstart teacher, which is how the world should roll. And while I should have kept you better up to date, and I planned to yesterday, the irises had to be weeded before the buttercups choked the life out of them, and then my friend Teresa called and said "let's play golf" and so I did. It's not every day, every month or even every year when Haines gets days like these-- 70 and sunny!-- so outside we went. (And while you may not call it golfing, we didn't too badly, I'd say we only lost a dozen balls...)

As to my schedule, I leave in a minute for Juneau and then Anchorage. Tomorrow morning bright and early I'll be on KTVA-TV at 6:20-30, then speaking as a happy alumni to the staff at UAA for Development Day, and doing a reading, craft talk, and signing at the Campus Bookstore there 10:30-11:30, the public is welcome. I'll be visiting with an Anchorage book club tomorrow night. Friday I head to Petersburg, and a reading there Saturday at Sing Lee Alley Books, 12-2 in the garden-- since the weather is supposed to be beautiful, so that will be fun. I head to Seattle Sunday afternoon, and read at University Books at UW 7:00pm, Tuesday I'll be at Village Books in Bellingham. I should be back in Haines by Friday, in time for Beerfest and a little family reunion for us. Thanks for being patient with me, this is all rather rattling for a homebody. I'm leaving my laptop at home this time--  But I will keep you posted on facebook -- if you do that-- and my friend Deb wants me to Tweet, and she set me up with an accoun,t but I haven't quite braved it yet. One thing at a time. I know, I did go golfing after all...But if I've learned one thing writing obituaries is that life is shorter than most of us wish. No harm to social media, it has it's benefits, but I bet no one has croaked on her deathbed, "Grant me one more post, please let me take one more selfie.") 

Also, notice the bear poop in this shot, right next to the green...





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