It is so nice to be home-- I sort of jumped in with both feet and have a very full house this weekend. All five of my children will be home at once-- and all five grandchildren. No, it's not Thanksgiving-- it's the annual Haines beerfest and my son's birthday.

The first thing I did was ride my bike, then I walked Pearl with my friend and her dog, then I weed whacked the knee deep dandelions. Here is where my son came in most handy-- taking the weed whacker head  apart and rewinding the string and then taking it all apart all over again and fixing it when I jammed it around an old piece of clothesline. Speaking of which, I have to get mine up to wash the sheets so everyone will have a nice place to sleep this weekend.

 The best part of the trip? Taking my own advice by connecting with old friends from Portland to Seattle to Bellingham and  making sure they know I'll miss them when they-- or me-- are gone. Also, there was one really surreal moment on I-5 between Bellingham and Seattle when I was driving along in my rental car, listening to NPR and heard myself! I wanted to shout, 'Hey, that's me!" but no one was there. But now you are, so here you go.

(I will be in Juneau next weekend at Hearthside Books, and over in Skagway sometime in the next few weeks, details to come. )


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