Bear Spotted in the Area

They put up bear warning signs on trailheads, so why not on telephone poles in town? There is more bear sign on townsite streets than area trails, and now there is a wounded, big brown bear in the bushes across the street from the school, who kept the children in at recess yesterday. The police shot it as it rifled through the school dumpster, it was hit, they say,  but not killed, instead it  limped off across the road to the woody swamp between the Firehall and the Fairgrounds (and next to the Deishu Drive neighborhood.) It was not the first time the bear was in town dumpsters. It tried to get into ours at Lutak Lumber on Saturday night, but we have chains across it, so it left. It is time to make bear-proof dumpsters and trash cans the law. It's bad enough that a bear had to be shot at the school of all places, let's at least turn it into an educational moment and do our best to make sure it doesn't happen again.(In the meantime, be really careful walking in town, especially near the school, and after dark, until that bear is gone.)


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