Taking Good Care

My neighbor Lyle is home after being in the hospital for about three weeks with a sudden and alarming internal organ problem.  The good news he is well now, and was out doing chores yesterday, and this morning was back on the Safety Report with Al. Fireman Al said it was good to have his cohort back. Lyle said that before they began their local radio talk about not smoking bed, or letting children play with matches, or leaving a pile of kindling next to the woodstove to dry out, anyway, before all that, he had something important to say. He cleared his throat, and then Lyle said that while he was away, on his back in that hospital bed, he had a lot of time to think, and the thing he thought about was smoke alarm batteries. Lyle said he always changes his this time of year, and couldn't remember if he had, and then he reminded us all to change ours. His voice cracked when he said it only takes a minute, but the consequences for not having a working fire alarm could be tragic. I'm glad that my good neighbor Lyle is home, and even happier that his first act was to go on the radio and remind us to take good care of our homes and families, because, as Lyle no doubt knows after his little scare, that is what matters most. 


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