Crazy Solstice Busy Days

Well, this a first-- my walking pal and I were too busy this morning to meet at the same time and walk the dogs together-- she had to make breakfast in two shifts for her house guests, Chip and I had to fix the lawn mower and make granola so I could cut the jungle before our guests arrive tomorrow and we'd have something to feed them for breakfast-- and the lumberyard is crazy busy-- as are all the builders and fixer-uppers-- and JJ has sent me a list of to-dos for her July wedding, but right now-- this weekend--  we have the annual bike race-- and yes, we are riding on the anniversary of Chip's pelvis-breaking crash.

We are bringing grandson baby James (8 months) to remind us to live to see him graduate from high school. (His parents are our teammates.) Anyway--  I must get the nets on the strawberries before the Robins eat them. I have never seen so many birds as we have this  summer. It's as if they have all sought refuge from the wild weather down south and decided that Alaska really is the last great place. Then I need to write a column for the Alaska Dispatch that's due now, and I talk on the cruise ship today too--

But, here's something in the holy guacamole category-- (along with some good suggested reading)-- look what kind of company I'm (sort of)  keeping today. I have read two of these books-- The Boys in the Boat and All the Light you Cannot See, and loved both of them so I'm ordering the other ones today from the Babbling Book. I just started Andy Hall's Denali's Howl about a climbing accident, and a lot more actually-- it's also a memoir-- and it kept me up too late last night.

Gotta run. There's work to be done so thank goodness we have hours and hours of daylight to burn right now-- I need the longest day I can get-- And thank goodness that the daylight isn't really burning in Haines today-- the cooler gray weather is good, especially with all those fires up north. (There is still a burn ban though, except in fire rings-- and no fireworks allowed in the whole borough. Be careful!) One more thing-- it's KHNS fund drive time, and here is a hilarious video that you really should stop what you are doing and look at, then turn off your computer and get busy. (My daughter just texted asking what I am wearing to the wedding. I have no idea. Something blue? Green? Linen? Help!)



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