Bike Race Postcard

My mother used to say that my quiet husband (especially around his in-laws) didn't say much, but what he said was "pithy." I thought about that when on Sunday morning Chip looked at the Fort Seward Parade Grounds, where the  night before hundreds of cyclists had camped tent-to-tent and said, "Five punks drinking beer on the beach leave ten times the mess a 1000 Canadians do. There's not even a gum wrapper left." There were 1200 riders, 250 volunteers, and no one was hurt, and everyone seemed happy. The weather was good and the cyclists were prepared. There were more solo riders this year-- 90-- than total riders- about 85- the first year the race was held 23 years ago. Solo riders finished 1,2,3. Haines EMT Jenn Walsh won the women's solo division

 Sean Asquith rode solo for 9th overall. Eric Kocher rode solo for over 13 hours for the red lantern award. 

Here's a post card of the Tour Duh Haines (and friends) which finished 2nd in the mixed 4s category. (The team we Lendes ride on has had the same name for 23 years, and we have even outlived one of the early members, Dennis Miles.) Anyway it's an incomplete ( I could barely watch Chip, must less take a picture, and I haven't figured out how to pedal and snap at the same time...) view of the 160 or so mile race from Haines Junction Yukon, to the Fort Seward Parade Grounds in Haines. Solo, two, four, and eight person teams compete. 

That's Justin on the first stage in 5th, where he finished the leg, launching us up front, which meant we had to ride hard, right? (Even though we swore we were going to take it easy.)


James with his "Careful Poppy" face. (As in 'I'd like to ride a bike with you someday so don 't crash.')


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