Full and Well

 Last night I gave my husband a choice- the People for Peace Potluck at the Senior Center, or burgers at the Elks. He opted for the Elks. We went to the Klondike. It's not that long a story. What happened is that I called my friend Nancy and invited her,  and her husband, too. The last time I saw Nancy was Thursday at yoga, when we were on the floor in the Chilkat Center with eye pillows leaning back over wool blankets to stretch our spines, so we couldn't talk much. Actually, we aren't allowed to talk at all in yoga.  Nancy is all about health and wellness these days, as are a bunch of women in town thanks to all the Well & Fit programs-- (see the blog link to learn more.) Nancy suggested the Klondike, for their salad and thin crust Aphrodite pizza. (The Elks burgers are a little heavy.) Her husband and son wanted to go to Mosey's for Mexican food, which is also very healthy with all those beans and rice and homemade salsas, but they are closed for the winter. So is the Fireweed pubbish pizza place where my daughter works. The Klondike is at the fairgrounds, in one of the buildings that was the set for Disney's White Fang, the Gold Rush era movie filmed here 20 years ago. (Yes, is has been 20 years. Then boy-star Ethan Hawke is a man now, and I was pregnant with JJ, and she just had a birthday. I remember this so well because I was an extra, and they made me wear a corset under that itchy wool dress and I thought I might faint it was so hard to breath. Maybe that's why JJ is so active, she remembers that enforced stillness.) The Klondike doesn't have much heat aside from the wood fired pizza oven in the back, and it had been raining hard, and almost snowing all day, so we kept our coats on. It had its own warmth though, because the place was full of people we knew. We ate the pizza (it was great)  and talked and laughed and tried to figure out Alaska politics, and all agreed that the Joe Miller was another one of those up-North celebrities that we don't understand in this part of the state. (And we hoped he won't get elected.) The men and boy (Nancy's son) talked hunting and Nancy and I tried to figure out where we should go on vacation. We went to Mexico once together, and keep pretending we'll do it again. Maybe we will. Maybe we could go to a yoga retreat. It would be nicer to lie on the sand in Sayulita than a cold floor in Haines, and we wouldn't need those big blankets or eye pillows. We could use sarongs and sunglasses. Then again, maybe we could just bring them to the next yoga class and it will feel like a vacation. 


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