Yellow Ribbon Tree

 I have a friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, who has been decorating a spruce tree on the side of road at 7-mile for about ten years.   She hangs eggs on it at Easter, and hearts on Valentine's Day, and pumpkins and goblins at Halloween. There were stuffed animals one month, peace signs another. Depending on the weather, she could get really creative. She says she decorated it for the last time the other day. The swamp it is growing in is too mucky for her to continue, and she is a grandmother so her back is not what it once was. She was taller than the tree when she began."It has grown like my grandkids," she said. One of her grandbabies is in the Army now. Well,  a grandma on a ladder with bag full of decorations  on the side of the road would hardly be a secret. When she trimmed the tree for the last time she chose a theme that she figured would last through a few seasons-- supporting the troops. She wrapped a big yellow ribbon around the trunk and tied a bow of yellow and blue and added some small American flags. She says, "I sure hope and pray it works to bring our service men and women home safe and sound." Imagine a world where yellow ribbons are not a perpetual decoration-- a time when they are as dated as Valentines on Halloween. When that happens, I bet all the grandmothers in town will bring out ladders to re-do the tree. We could put all that energy and hope into decorating the library tree, and it's inside so it's easier. Frankie Jones and her elves (that would be you, just call her or stop the library and ask what you can do) will once again be lighting the library for the holidays on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  There's a lot to do, and that's only a few weeks away, now.  


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